Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tips for Tipping Movers!

Should I tip the movers? We get this question a lot! Movers are a part of the service industry like waiters and hair dressers. And as a result, movers generally are tipped by our customers as a thank you for their hard work and to show appreciation for the level of service they gave. Tipping however is not required.

We know it’s something some people aren’t aware of and since it can be a sensitive subject, we wanted to address it for you in today’s blog post. We’ve broken the post into a few sections to answer the most frequently asked ‘tipping’ questions that we get from our customers.

How Much Should I Tip My Mover? It depends on how well the move went. Were your belongings handled with care? Did the movers ask you the questions needed to get the job done? Did you feel like you were being taken care of? Did their attitudes and expertise make your move day a little less stressful. Beltway Movers wants to be the company you like as much at the end of the day as the day you said “I do” to the move consultant

If they did a great job, we would recommend approximately $20 to $30 per mover for a small local move and approximately $40 per mover for a larger local move. It is not unusual for the crew foreman to be tipped a little more.  If you’re talking about interstate moves, the tipping price will increase. 

How Should I Tip Movers? Most companies will encourage you to provide cash.  How you hand over the tip really depends on your personality and circumstances. If you want to show your appreciation to each member then feel free to gather them together. If things are a bit hurried or you have specific instructions you want carried out then feel free to give the money to the foreman. Once the movers have left, he/she can divide the tip evenly amongst all of the movers. 

Show Movers You Appreciate Them with Water and Snacks: Let’s face it, moving is hard! We recommend providing your movers with bottled water and healthy snacks, i.e. bananas. They will appreciate the nourishment, especially on a sweltering hot day!
If it’s cold on your move day, offer the movers hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. No one likes to be cold and the idea of a hot drink waiting for you indoors is even better encouragement to get the job done and to take a much needed break with a hand warming drink! 

For more great ideas visit our blog titled Partnering With Our Moving Crews On Move Day.
One more tip. Sales and staff appreciate positive and instructive feedback on our surveys as well as on consumer review sites. Your feedback is as good as gold.

In this blog post we've told you what we recommend you do tip wise on moving day, but we also wanted to briefly discuss what our movers shouldn't do when it comes to tips. We never want our movers to ask for tips. Tips are earned and should never be expected. Our movers are professional and should never make you feel uncomfortable. You should give tips because you want to not because you feel pressure to do so. The review listed below, we just received it!, exemplifies how we work and how we want our customers to perceive us.

"Easily the best experience we've had moving. The trio were professional, never complained once, and brought a lot of humor with them. I know it's not a fun gig (that's why we paid you!) so it was nice to have that positive energy. As a comparison, I've had appliances and furniture delivered and have been met with endless grousing and hints about tips from the delivery people."

Do you have questions on tipping movers? If so call Beltway Movers today, we're a moving company in Northern Virginia, today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Warehouse, Storage, and… FUN!

Do you watch HGTV or other home shows? If so, we really think you’ll enjoy this blog post! A lot of people aren’t aware that we do more than just moving and household storage. We actually do work that might surprise you, and that we think is pretty great! Sit back, relax and enjoy learning about the other things we do!

Warehouse Management for Design Companies: We work with several design companies but the people that gave us our start is Carlyn and Company Interiors + Design. They serve as an excellent example of how warehouse management and the model home decorating process works. Sounds like fun, right? It is! The way it works is Carlyn purchases everything one would need in a model home, i.e. furniture, paintings, books, area rugs, etc. The items are shipped directly to Beltway where they’re inspected, inventoried, labeled properly and placed in storage until they’re ready for their new home. This is usually for a new development so we are tracking several homes and the clubhouses at the same time in the same community. When we’re contacted about a model home that needs to be decorated the real fun begins! We take the furniture, pictures, books, etc. and move them to the model home. Under the direction of the designers we furnish the home to make it appeal to prospective buyers.

Visit their website to see their excellent work and ours.

Shipping and Receiving for Individuals: If need be, we’re happy to be the shipping and receiving hub for local customers. Why would we do that? It’s simple – say you’re having your kitchen redone and need to order the tiles yourself, but don’t know where to store them. It’s easy - just have them delivered to our warehouse. We will store them until either you or the contractor pick them up. We also offer furniture support. For example, so you’ve ordered a mattress from a company that won’t install it on the bedframe for you, we can help! You can have the mattress delivered to our warehouse and we will deliver it to your home and install it for you.

Record Storage for Small Businesses: Our warehouses are also designed to provide record storage for small businesses. If you have a small space and important records that you don’t have room to store, we’re happy to store them safely and securely in our warehouse for a fraction of the cost of keeping them at your office space. Secure our services to make the management of your records including inventory and shredding more a joy than a job.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about what Beltway Movers does behind the scenes. If you’re interested in any of the services we’ve discussed above, please give us a call at (800) 966-8348 for more information about warehouse distribution services and commercial storage in our Alexandria, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland locations.
We look forwarding to hearing from you!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Moving Your Office with Beltway Movers

Are you planning on moving your office soon? If so, consider hiring us! We usually write about our house, apartment and condominium moves, but this month we wanted to focus on our niche in the office moving industry.  While office moves might fly under the radar, they’re still a big part of our business, and we think you should know what we have to offer.

Beltway excels at moving offices of up to 25 employees.  You’ll find that the same specialized and expert care we employ in residential moves are  applied to your office suites. Surroundings are protected with floor and wall coverings as required just like moving a home. Care of a building or facility is no different than what would be done in the hallways, lobbies and elevators of residential buildings. 

Beltway has the additional equipment resources to ensure we keep disruption of your office time to a minimum.  Many companies have IT departments or outsourced vendors who direct how technology is moved; we will not only follow their direction but provide padding, packaging and protection to ensure safe passage. 

Our staff is interactive with your employees just like they are with families.  If you’ve ever moved with Beltway Movers then you know it’s important to us that we form a relationship with you. Our crews are the same back ground checked and fully uniformed employees we bring to homes.  You can trust us with your sensitive documents as well as treasured decorative pieces.  

We’ve been told by many people we’ve moved that post move they felt like we were all friends – and that’s the goal for both home and office moves! Think of it as moving your family – just a bit larger with more equipment! If you’re looking for a friendly / comfortable move with nice people, then we’re the right moving company for you.
We understand moving offices is a very daunting experience, so we wanted to give you a few ideas on how you will need to prep for your office move.

·        Do you need to reserve the elevator for your building?
·        Are there certain times of day you’re not allowed to use the elevators for moving furniture and other office supplies?
·        Is there a place for the moving truck to park?

·        Does your building and the building you’re moving to require a Certificate of Insurance (COI)? Be prepared to provide your move consultant with each locations’ COI requirements which may include specific wording and dollar limit. Beltway Movers' standard COI lists $2,000,000.00 aggregate coverage.

·        Talk to your moving consultant about the use of plastic crates and rolling office carts. It may save you time and eliminate paper waste!
·        Take advantage of our reusable SmartPack® crush proof cartons for wall monitors and artwork.
·        Use this opportunity to declutter and get rid of things that you don’t need.
·        Do NOT pack items that spill.

Packaging and moving large items:
·        Talk to your move consultant about the larger items in your office and how best to prepare them for the move. 

We hope this blog post has given you a glimpse into how we can handle your office move. If you’re looking to move offices and have questions, please give Beltway Movers a call today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to moving with you!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Long Distance Moves: Your Van – Your Crew – Your Dates

Did you know our services include long distance moves? If you’re moving to another city or town on the East Coast, we’d love to be your movers! Moving isn’t easy - it can be very stressful, especially long distance moves. We will ease your anxiety by providing a dedicated van and crew throughout your move process with locked in dates. Keep reading to learn about our long distance moves.

It’s important to keep in mind that our long distance moves consist of moves on the East Coast. We do not complete cross country moves. For customers outside of our service area we are glad to coordinate using a network of companies we highly trust and recommend (if you’re interested in that information, please let us know). Many long distance moves consist of one truck that picks up multiple households and drops them off at each person’s new home. We don’t do that – only your possessions will be on the truck during your move.

Larger van Lines require you to fit within their industry procedure, which means your shipment takes on a status very similar to a carton being shipped by a freight carrier. Choice Relocation, Beltway’s long distance subsidiary, is prepared to offer you our undivided attention from beginning to end. We want to make your move as smooth as possible and as a result offer exclusive van rights. Below is a breakdown of what that includes.

1. Only your household items are on the truck and are never transferred until they reach the destination, your new home!

2. Guaranteed arrival time appointments at origin and destination.

3. Saturday services that fit your schedule at non premium rates.

4. A dedicated crew that will provide you with all of your needed services, i.e. packing, storage, moving and final placement in your new home.

By law, all long distance move customers receive an Order for Service (OFS). An OFS lists the details of your guaranteed move, i.e. services, dates, special requests, etc. Additionally, customers receive a detailed inventory of the items they requested be moved. Federal Law requires that you acknowledge receipt of these documents and the terms as outlined in the Order of Service.

We hope this information helps! Moving isn’t easy, but we’re here to help make the process as seamless as possible.

Are you moving up or down the East Coast in the near future? If so, call Beltways Movers today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Leave Bed Bugs Behind When You Move

If you have ever been the victim of a bed bug infestation, you know how annoying and persistent they can be. The tiny orange or tan pests feed on blood and can live in almost any of your belongings. Not surprising, one of the most common place bed bugs take shelter is in your mattresses and box springs. Here, they have easy access to food while humans sleep (creepy!). However, bed bugs can take shelter in almost anything, from clothes to books to pets. That’s why when people discover they have a bed bugs issue, they usually either get rid of most of their belongings, or move to a new place.

If you’re moving away from a place that is infested with bed bugs, it’s extremely important to make sure that they do not make the trip with you. Unlike many pests, bed bugs do not travel very far on their own. That’s why important to make sure you aren’t accidentally bringing bed bugs with you on your move. Here are some precautions you can take to prevent introducing bed bugs to your new home.

- Thoroughly wash all clothes and linens before packing them. Store them in sealable bags or bins for the move.
- Inspect all of your belongings before packing them away. Quickly flip through books to make sure bugs aren’t hiding in between pages. Inspect any luggage that you’ll use to help move.
- While using old boxes can save money, they also increase the chance that bed bugs join the move. Likewise, don’t buy used furniture for your new home.
- Consider using an encasement for any mattresses and box springs that you are moving.
- As for yourself, make sure everyone in your family showers and wears clean clothes during the move. If you have a pet, bathe them and consider a haircut before moving.

Making sure your belongings are free of bed bugs and properly packed before you move is the best way to prevent a bed bug infestation in your new home. It is much easier to prevent against bed bugs than it is to get rid of them.

While bed bugs can be incredibly difficult to eliminate from your home, there are a couple things you can attempt. If you notice bed bugs on your sheets or living on another belonging of yours, seal the item in a bag with a vapor strip inside. It is recommended that you leave the bag sealed for at least two weeks to properly work. Another way to kill bed bugs is with heat. Try leaving any infested items in a black plastic bag outside in the sunlight. If you’re worried that bed bugs making the move with you, both of these techniques can be used while moving to decrease the chances of bed bugs surviving the trip.

Don’t have bed bugs and want to prevent them when moving? Choose a reputable company. A fly by night company may cost you more than you bargained for in the end. Beltway Movers takes added precautions to combat infestations of bugs. Our warehouses for storage are inspected for insects monthly. We tell all of our customers who are worried to come on by - and that they don't have to bother to tell us when. That way they can inspect our warehouses to confirm there isn’t a bed bug in sight!

Additionally, we require the use of mattress bags on our moves. Our crews are trained to spot flea and or bed bag infestations and react accordingly. Bugs are bad for business. We do not want them anymore that you do.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself is hire a good, reputable mover with clean trucks and warehouses. To be sure, you may want to drive by your mover's facility to inspect the equipment and storage areas prior to booking - a good mover won't mind this one bit. We tell all of our customers who are worried to come on by - and that they don't have to bother to tell us when.

Questions? If so, call Beltway Movers, we're a moving company in Northern Virginia, today at (800) 966-8348. We look forward to working with you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Moving with Beltway Movers (Part Three)

Well here we are – move in day! As I explained in the last blog post, my husband and I moved into our new apartment in Richmond the day after we moved out of our apartment in Arlington. It just made sense sanity wise, for both us and the movers, to complete the move in two days.

Move in day was pretty amazing. I wasn’t stressed at all. My husband and I slept in our new apartment, and were up and ready for the movers arrival at 9:30 am. Cesar and Josh, our movers for move in day, handled EVERYTHING very quickly, which included but wasn’t limited to completely unloading the truck, putting boxes in the right rooms, putting together the bed, offering furniture placement tips and hanging our clothes in the closet. The day couldn’t have gone any better.

The building that we live in is right off of VCU’s campus, so college students were moving into the building the same day we were (we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into with this building!;)). I realized what a gem we had in Beltway Movers when a father and daughter team were struggling to carry a couch up the stairs, and Beltway offered to help move some of their heavier items at no charge. Beltway Mover hires good, kind people, the type of people you can rely on, and to me that means a lot.

I’ve included pictures in this post to show you what move in day was like from beginning to end.

Now that our move story has come to an end you’re probably wondering if I would ever move with Beltway Movers again. My answer: Absolutely! Beltways Movers turned a stressful process into an easy going one. They were kind, friendly and respectable. Beltway Movers is the way to go when it comes to hiring a moving company.

Photo Credit: Cat Siler
Welcoming Cesar and Josh to my new apartment!
Protecting the floors.

Our new place!
Unlocking the truck.
Prepping to unload!


Welcome to our new home :)

Let the adventure begin!

Moving the mattress.

Signing the bill!

Signing the bill.

Moving the mattress.

Assembling the bed.

Assembling the bed.

Moving the chest of drawers.

Furniture placement discussion!


Curious kitty!
Furniture placement

Me and Deborah! :)

Water time -- it was hot outside!

Yay - successful move!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Moving with Beltway Movers (Part Two)

Hi All, Bridget here! This month I wanted to tell you about our move out day. You’re probably wondering why we moved out one day and moved in the next day - it’s pretty simple! Beltway often limits the hours to protect the customer from taking on more than they should on a given day. Since we had a camera crew filming the move (video below!) and had to deal with Friday afternoon traffic south on 95 we had a feeling it would be better for the crew and myself to break up the day.

Anyway, let’s get on with move out day! I woke up bright and early on that day already wishing it was over. I was nervous, for me this was a big move, and while I thought everything would go well I wasn’t sure. I remember seeing the moving truck pull up and telling my husband that I would go out and greet the movers. Boy was I nervous – what do I do, what do I say, what’s expected of me (many thoughts we’re going through my head). I went up to the driver side of the truck and introduced myself to Cesar (the driver). Within a minute I met all of our wonderful movers Cesar, Josh and Darius - they all put me at ease. They’re nice, capable, and easy going people, which is exactly what’s needed on your move day. A few minutes later Beltway’s customer service representative, Deborah, arrived and we started the move process!

We all headed up to my apartment, so I could show the guys what was being moved. They all seemed to think it seemed pretty straight forward and easy (phew!). Before we started the process we all had bagels, coffee and PLENTY of water. It was an extremely hot day. I’d recommend to everyone out there who’s planning on moving to supply your movers with water, especially on a hot day.

From there it was pretty straightforward! Cesar, Josh and Darius got to work. They seamlessly moved all of my furniture and boxes out of my apartment, and packed them nice and neatly into the truck. Our pictures were wrapped in protective moving blankets and then lowered in to Beltway’s SmartPack ® crush proof carton. It looks kind of like a giant toaster. Our dressers were wrapped and sealed with shrink wrap (we didn’t need to take the clothes out), and our hanging clothes were packed into a moving wardrobe.

One concern that I had was how the boxes would stay secure in the truck while it was moving. The movers showed me that all of the boxes were packed firmly together like a big puzzle. Each tier was then strapped off to reduce movement. Beltway also has shelves in their vans so open top boxes can quickly be loaded on the top of the tier without being crushed. Shelves are most often used on local moves that are charged by the hour. The shelves allow the movers to load more quickly; another Beltway Movers SmartPack® exclusive.

Once the truck was packed we said our goodbyes until the next day. Cesar, Josh and Darius drove the truck back to Beltway Movers, and parked it in their secure warehouse until it was time for the trip down to Richmond the next morning.

Below is a video of our move out day - we hope you enjoy it! Be sure to check back soon to read  about our move in day.